How To Analyze Income, Expenses & NOI

Updated: Jul 21

Ever wondered how to tell very quickly if a multifamily investment opportunity is too aggressive or not?

It can be hard to see the risks when you are overwhelmed with numbers and statistics.

Investor need to be able to see at a glance if an investment opportunity carries a lot of risk or not.

That is why we created this free tool to help investors get a high level look at income, expenses & NOI growth. Below is a quick overview & tutorial of the analyzer.

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Get full visibility into the projected push over the life of an investment.

Tool Features:

  • See the year-over-year income push to make sure the business plan is viable and the likelihood of success is high or not.

  • Are expenses in line for this type of asset or not? Clearly see if they are or not with this free tool.

  • Understand how conservative or aggressive a investment opportunity is over the life of the project.

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