Member Spotlight: Kari Myers

Member spotlight:

Check out this recent interview with one of our community members: Kari Myers

Kari Myers brings 15 years of experience investing in real estate and operating small businesses in both Canada and USA.

Single Family Properties

Since 2005, Kari has purchased single family homes to fix/flip or hold as rentals for a combined total of $4,421,000.00 in both USA and Canada. Whether it is adding additional live-able space above a garage or finishing out a basement to 1 bedroom apartment - Kari has found ways to add value to properties in appreciating areas. Her son, Kohan, has enjoyed learning alongside her.

2005 - Purchased first property in Mississauga, Ontario.

2007 - Purchased second investment property in Milton, Ontario which became the fastest growing city per capita in Canada that following year.

2010 - With the housing crisis in the USA reaching its bottom, she decided it was the time to relocate back to her country of birth - USA. The dollars were on par that year as well which helped bring more purchasing power. She started with the acquisition of a bank-owned property in Frisco, Texas.


Acquisition of bank-owned properties

Researched properties and market conditions to determine which are favorable for rehabilitation and re-sale or rent.

Worked with wholesale agents to prepare winning bids for off-market, distressed and pre-foreclosure properties

Negotiated with vendors and contractors for supplies and services.

Worked with lenders, appraisers, and underwriters.

Experience purchasing and designing new home construction

Conducted financial analysis of all properties acquired: cash flow analysis, expenses analysis, cap rate, future equity appreciation, etc.

Maintained and managed multiple investment properties

Multifamily Properties

Invested as a limited partner in 5 Apartment Syndications across 3 states (Texas, Colorado and Florida) for a combined total of 1003 units.

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