Tax Advantages For Apartment Investors

Featured Presentation:

Effective tax planning requires constant thought and consideration in all your business decisions. A small investment of time to develop a working knowledge of apartment tax strategies will pay big dividends through tax savings. Keith Blackborg, CPA, speaks in plain English so beginner to advanced investors can grasp complex tax concepts. He combines his personal experience as a commercial real estate syndicator, knowledge of lending, and entity structuring to help investors develop effective tax strategies for their business. His past high net worth tax clients include balance sheets with 7 to 11 figures in real estate holdings.

This presentation is packed with actionable tips, tricks, and strategies geared towards multi-family syndicators.

  • Tax deduction checklist for syndicators – don’t miss anything you’re owed

  • Multi-family syndicator deal structuring and compensation for maximum tax efficiency

  • Four tax planning principles to legally reduce, defer and eliminate taxes

  • How to layer advanced tax strategies to manipulate your tax burden through optional elections and strategies legally:

- Cost segregation studies – get a big write-off in the year you need it

- Accelerated Depreciation – how to get big deductions only when you need it

- Partial dispositions – get a big deduction and avoid depreciation recapture

- Disposing of old assets – prepping for sale and avoiding depreciation recapture

- Special allocation of sales price – reduce depreciation recapture taxed at the highest rates

- Loss laddering – only recognize income at capital gains rates to skip taxation on the first ~$80K of income

Use of 1031’s and Opportunity funds to defer or avoid capital gains

  • Retirement accounts - how to put almost unlimited amounts into a 401K

  • Strategic Retirement Rollovers - How to attract investors and save 30-70% on rollovers

  • Utilizing your investor retirement accounts – UBIT disclosures and avoiding the tax

  • Captive Insurance Plans - Your tenants save money while funding your retirement

  • How to give big to charity tax-efficiently based on size and sophistication of finances

Speaker Background:

Keith Blackborg, CPA, reached Financial Freedom within 10 years from success as an investor and tax strategist. He began his career at Deloitte; a Big Four International Accounting Firm and later started his firm serving high net worth real estate investors, including nationally recognized apartment influencers. He mastered complex tax strategies allowing clients to legally save ~10% of their income in taxes each year. His personal investing experience, deep tax knowledge, wide network, and breadth of industry expertise allowed him to mentor clients in business, making their whole operation more efficient and profitable.

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